Inspiring: Lorraine Bracco
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While working as a model in France, Lorraine was approached by Marc Camoletti to act in the adaption of his play Duos Sur Canapé. She portrayed the character Bubble and was not impressed with her performance. She would later go on to take other film roles but it wasn’t until she had an uncredited role in Camorra that she was inspired to pursue acting.

In 2005, Lorraine co-starred in Crazy For Love (AKA My Suicidal Sweetheart) an independent dark comedy. Lorraine portrays Sheila, her son Max tries to commit suicide on his 21st birthday. This is not the first time he has attempted this and as a result the family commits him. He ends up meeting the eccentric Grace and escapes on an adventure with her throughout the movie. Lorraine’s role is short, but comedy is a genre she hasn’t made much of an appearance in.