Inspiring: Lorraine Bracco
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Over six seasons, Lorraine portrayed the no-nonsense Dr. Jennifer Melfi whom we mostly saw through her interactions with Tony. On occasion we saw her outside of her office when she visited her own therapist or with family. In Season 3, we were given the only Melfi centered episode with Employee of the Month exploring the aftermath of her brutal assault in a stairwell. Along with the mystery of the Russian that Paulie and Chris chased in Pine Barrens this episode has had a profound affect on fans. To this day fans still question whether or not Melfi should have told Tony about her rapist in order receive the justice the law fail to serve her. Many feel that to have told him would have made her no better than her patient, her morality would be stripped. Even Lorraine noted in various interviews that she didn’t understand why she was being hurt, that she was the only decent character on the show. While the episode may be triggering to some due to the violence of Melif’s rape, the entire episode is well written and Lorraine’s performance is her most powerful of the series.


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